With a clear understanding of your requirements, we tailor all candidate searches and placements to your exact preferences—our reputation as the bespoke resource to exacting clients gives the Private Staff Group an edge in finding and placing the ideal candidates.

Staff Placement

Our candidate assessments evaluate the job requirements, workflow, skills, experiences, and behavioral and motivational fit factors to ensure optimal alignment and success for your unique needs.

asset & privacy protection

Procedures and practices for employees who operate within your home or business are critical in maintaining safety and security, as well as for avoiding situations that can present threats to you, your family, or your assets. The protection of sensitive information is critical, therefore Private Staff Group adheres to and helps you enforce a strict confidentiality policy.

360° Background Checks

Employee background checking is part of an asset and privacy protection plan and is included in your overall financial, legal, and insurance coverage. We provide our clients with in-depth, comprehensive background checks that verify the true identity of prospective employees.

Job Training & Household Solutions

Private Staff Group offers estate management services, personal assistants, and more. We are proud to partner with Estate Management Systems to provide our clients with an opportunity to optimize their staff performance and further enhance tools and training.

Payroll & Employment Options

There are important pre and post-employment considerations when hiring staff including payroll, employee manuals and agreements, bookkeeping, security, and more. Private Staff Group is happy to assist you with every aspect of the onboarding process and after.



Private Staff Group hires based on geography as well as your needs. We know what behaviors and skills correlate with success in any given job. We ask the right questions of the right people to uncover what you need to know about each job candidate while taking your confidentiality and satisfaction very seriously. Our process starts with:

Protecting your privacy
& security

Accurate job
& description

Knowledge of the
compensation market

Networking, Private Staff
Group database mining, &
internet searching

Interview & candidate

Thorough screening
& interviewing



Private Staff Group prides itself in representing only the best candidates. We offer a guarantee period with all placements. Should the candidate leave your employment within 90 days for any reason, we will replace them at no additional charge.

Private Staff Group presents you with every possible best-fit candidate for your position. We stay with you well beyond the guarantee period to provide additional coaching, refinement, and advice about best employment and productivity practices.



Our exceptional candidates showcase our highly qualified and experienced placements for a number of private staff positions.

To find out more about these and other exceptional candidates, click here.

Estate Manager and Butler


A results-driven Estate Manager and Butler with 13 years of successful experience, including 7 years with his current principals. Attentive and knowledgeable, AG is a hands-on professional dedicated to enhancing home functionality and flow. With a proven track record of managing multiple residences, AG is well-versed in Equestrian and animal care. Additionally, he is trained in Silver Service. Currently based in Wellington, AG is flexible with locations and travel.

Estate and Property Manager


Seasoned professional leader and communicator with incredible organizational and project management skills. Uniquely capable of adding extensive perspective, drawing on broad and deep business experience. Accomplished in estate management, finance, construction management, MEP, hardscape, landscape, heavy equipment, personnel, food preparation and management. Highly discreet and sensitive to security matters and measures. A team player and visionary who is always seeking to achieve greater outcomes.

Executive Housekeeper


KD is the quintessential Executive Housekeeper with exceptional skills and techniques that transform a home into a flawless embodiment of the principal's vision. Having previously served as the Head Housekeeper for the White House, KD is highly accommodating with guests, exuding warmth, hospitality, and impeccable service. Her background has been thoroughly vetted and scrutinized to the highest standards, making her incredibly trustworthy and discreet. KD is known for her exceptional reliability, supported by impeccable references.

Chief of Staff and Executive Personal Assistant


Attributes include property projects and Executive PA for an L.A. UHNW. SJ works on exceptional unique projects with leading designers, architects, and trades. SJ is accomplished with events, VIP experiences, and hospitality services. He manages the family services office. SJ is very knowledgeable and talented with the arts. Polished and gracious, SJ is fine with travel for work, but is L.A. based.

Chief of Staff and Executive Personal Assistant


PN is able to relocate anywhere and works 24/7. A C-level Executive, as well as a Family and Personal Assistant. PN is the central go-to professional handler of every situation– travel, household, business, etc. She is highly organized, industrious, and a financial expert. She is proactive and is always ready to shift priorities to focus.

Chief of Staff and Executive Personal Assistant


CA is the ultimate right-fit for the role of Chief of Staff and Executive Personal Assistant. CA has a master of technologies, creative solutions, and meticulous administrative functioning. Along with her Incredible experience and educated background, CA is always positive and is noted as a polished and supreme communicator. CA Helps optimize operations, protocols, and scheduling, while seamlessly completing complex tasks and projects–with discretion.

House Manager, Nanny, and Estate Manager


CA has worked for the same family for almost 10 years, starting as the Nanny, then House Manager, and now as an Estate Manager for multiple properties. CA manages sophisticated high-tech homes and architectural marvels in urban and mountain. CA is excellent with all aspects of home, vendor, and property management. She also thrives on the interior touches to achieve the principal’s desired ambiance. With attention to detail, planning, and organizing, CA has outstanding references. CA also knows household technologies and home management software.

Top-Flight Management


DP has 15 years of top-flight management experience with a spectacular home in Beverly Hills. DP has also established himself in other locations, such as Palm Beach and NYC. DP comes with high-level expertise in security, protection systems, and more. He is great with kids and working with high-profile principals. DP makes the home(s) run smoothly and serves with perfection.

Chief of Staff


EBJ is a multi-lingual candidate with extensive experience working with elite companies and individuals in NYC, Zurich, and London. Having operated in a variety of corporate, political, and arts environments, EBJ is an expert at interfacing among diverse, high-profile personalities. EBJ demonstrates exceptional skill in project management, scheduling and event organization, and supervision of a household/estate staff, as well as expertise in change management, asset management research, and enabling efficiencies and improvements in technology and logistics. Willing to relocate.

Family Assistant and House Manager


Experienced service professional with 20+ years in high-net-worth (HNW) and ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) Household and Estate Management, and client-facing hospitality. Brings extensive administrative and complex project management skills, with specialized expertise in demanding tropical settings. Known for grace, charm, and the grit to get the job done as a responsible and ethical decision-maker and team-builder. Proven knack for creative problem-solving in dynamic settings. Offers privacy and discretion while affording maximum confidentiality.


Private Staff Group prides itself in representing only the best candidates. We offer a guarantee period with all placements. Should the candidate leave your employment within 90 days for any reason, we will replace

Our work on your behalf is done upfront to enable you to make an informed hire selection. The vast majority of our clients know within 90 days about their long-term confidence in their selection. If the candidate is not working out for whatever reason within 90 days, we will undertake a new search at no additional charge.

Private Staff Group conducts each search as a unique engagement and customizes our search efforts to find the absolute right-fit candidates to make a confident and informed selection. To our candidates, we explain the career role and the client’s style as clearly as possible.

We utilize a combination of our proprietary database, our extensive networking contacts, and the latest technologies to put your job in front of candidates who should be aware of your opportunity. Our database has thousands of candidates and it can be searched with specific criteria of your job description and preferences.

Today’s best practices in reference checking have moved beyond unimaginative, close-ended questions which dig into the candidate’s performance, reliability, and skills, and simplistic verification of prior employment. Today’s references use the intelligence gathered from Google Search and social media sites to prepare for candidate interviews ahead of time. Obtaining reference feedback ahead of an interview helps tailor interview questions to dig in on a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses as identified by their previous employers, managers, and co-workers.

On average, the screen process takes less than a week. It starts with extensive and thorough reference checks. handles the comprehensive criminal, driving, and incident checks for the past 10 years nationwide.

I-9 is required by the Federal Government to verify identity and work authorization at the time of hire, including employees who are hired to perform domestic work. Failure to properly document the status of an employee can lead to penalties.
E-Verify allows employers to quickly verify new employees via the Department of Homeland Security’s Employment Eligibility Verification program. This way, employers can electronically verify the eligibility of employees to work in the United States. Not only is the E-Verify solution fast, it also reduces the risk of fines and penalties for employing undocumented workers or illegal immigrants.

We work closely with our clients to help craft the job description together with the compensation. The process continues with:

    • Interviews and screening
    • Background, US work authorization, and reference checking
    • The hire offer and Employment Agreement
    • Confidentiality Agreement
    • Discussion of best employee management processes
    • Guidelines for insurance, privacy, and asset protection
    • Discussion of termination and severance

We excel at bringing together the client’s goals and preferences to realize the objectives of both the principal(s) and the candidate. Our technology, deep interviewing expertise, and understanding of our client’s short and long-term objectives deliver results for all.

Anytime an employee has access to, or knowledge of money, bank accounts, credit cards, or other financial resources, you are well served to verify the employee is not under financial duress or has had deep credit problems in the past.
Once you’ve received the results of the credit check, you’ll need to determine what parts are relevant enough to disqualify an applicant from employment. For example, a missed credit card payment is much different than a history of collections, bad debt write-offs, and bankruptcies.

Typical job descriptions

At Private Staff Group our technologies, our recruitment team, and our client networks are second to none. Here are a few of the typical job types we fill though there is a growing demand for nontraditional positions that combine the responsibilities of two or more of these positions.


Butlers are often formally trained professionals who see to and anticipate the needs of their principals while providing an impeccable and customized standard of service.

Hospitality (ie. Four Seasons) and butler school training are paired with the seamless chemistry and sensitive fit factors. A butler’s skill set includes:

  • Social etiquette as well as formal service and table setting
  • Care of fine table and serving settings
  • Knowledge of wines and spirits, and valet services
  • Function both on command and invisibly executing functions and services with grace and manners.


Property Managers are hands-on maintenance people. The property in and around the estate including, but not limited to the landscaping, salt, and freshwater pools, and guest cottages are the responsibility of the estate’s Caretaker.

This position requires:

  • A wide and deep practical knowledge of property and grounds maintenance
  • Often requires sound handyman/maintenance skills
  • This position may also require a background in horticulture in order to keep healthy, year-round gardens, blooms, and even chicken coops
  • Caretakers often have experience with construction, landscaping, and gentleman’s farms
  • Caretaker often plays an additional important role for many employers as the owner’s representative during their absence
  • Snowplowing, adverse weather

Private Chef/Cook

A private chef or cook is personal to their family dynamics and expert in cooking and serving the foods and dishes appropriate for your palate and wellness.

The duties of a Chef/Cook are performed for all regular meals, special events, holidays, parties, and entertaining. Chefs often:

  • Travel and are available to fit client needs for holidays and special cuisine preferences
  • Are responsible for everything related to meal preparations for the family and household staff
  • Do all shopping for food-related supplies
  • Take care of meal/menu planning, preparation, and cleanup

Chief of Staff

A Chief of Staff takes on many forms including, the ultimate Personal/Executive Assistant or the leader and manager of a large staff.

The COS is highly experienced, savvy, and expert/resourceful in all aspects and possibilities. Backgrounds may include corporate or personal experiences, typically supported by impressive educational credentials. The Chief of staff must:

  • Manage multiple homes, complex renovations, asset acquisitions/management, and interaction with the various business/board interests
  • Leader of the residence and the coordinator of the staff
  • Provides a buffer between the Principal and staff
  • Works behind the scenes to solve problems, mediate disputes, and deal with issues
  • Act as an advisor to the Principal.


A Companion is responsible for assisting his or her employer in various ways.

A Companion’s duties may include:

  • Driving and traveling with the employer
  • Accompanying him or her to restaurants, events, and appointments.
  • Assistance with activities of daily living
  • Helping with everything and anything around the house
  • Arrangements with friends and family

Domestic Couples

The ideal Domestic Couple has complementary skills to work separately or together, providing all that is needed to run and serve a fine home.

Couples can be highly synergistic- both sharing formal service capabilities or separately with inside/outside talents or handyman/housekeeper duties. Couples work in:

  • Primary residences, secondary (vacation) residences or both
  • Singularly dedicated to one home or rotate between residences
  • Both members of a couple must fit the respective roles identified by the client
  • Value and long tenure are typical benefits of a couple of service team

Estate Manager

The Estate Manager will manage all aspects surrounding the management of the estate while making sure that his/her employer’s life is as carefree as possible.

An Estate Manager is responsible for:

  • The smooth operation of the employer’s residence(s)
  • Well trained and have excellent judgment regarding decisions about household maintenance and management
  • Hiring service people and providing direction to other household staff
  • Computer and accounting skills are commonly required for this position in addition to general household management duties
  • Overseeing the operation and maintenance of an estate or multiple residences
  • Creating and maintaining household manuals
  • Managing the calendar, organizing and running large events and parties
  • Bookkeeping and accounting tasks
  • Book travel arrangements
  • Maintaining household security
  • Managing designated projects

Executive Housekeeper

The Estate Manager will manage all aspects surrounding the management of the estate while making sure that his/her employer’s life is as carefree as possible.

The responsibilities of an executive housekeeper include:

  • Hiring, training, and supervising other Housekeepers
  • Required to answer phones, manage vendors and assist the Housekeepers and Houseman with their work
  • Experienced in both a formal and semi-formal home
    Expert in care of everything from floors to bedding, furniture, and customized care

Executive Personal Assistant

More senior than a PA, this position may have more liaison with the principal’s business matters.

The Executive Personal Assistant is responsible for:

  • Handling complex art or renovation projects, philanthropy, and Board matters
  • Be the communicator with Estate Managers, travel professionals, investment/financial advisors
  • Highly capable of proactive, decision-making
  • Handling a wide range of tasks and conducting planning in concert with principal(s) and business or family office associates


Typical responsibilities include the full range of daily cleaning, deep cleaning, and helping with the family or principals. We tailor our selection to fit the personality, schedule, lifestyle, and qualities of your home and usage.

Housekeepers can be in formal, semi-formal, or casual styles. This role requires flexible hours to fit the client’s needs.

Specific services include:

  • Wardrobes, closets, bathrooms, and kitchens
  • Fine cleaning of surfaces and floors (Vacuum and sweeping)
  • Driving and errands (optional)
  • Laundry, steam, and/or hand wash
  • Proper cleaning of high-end appliances
  • Linens, beds, etc.
  • Pet care
  • Care and respect for antiques, art, and valuables


A Houseman participates in the hands-on running of the home on a daily basis. A houseman may have worked in a fine hotel, in a private cleaning service, or just has an all-around service mentality to fit the bill.

We see Housemen staying with families for years and becoming extended family members. Housemen are typically involved in:

  • Assisting guests, packing/unpacking, serving, and outdoor entertainment
  • Assists and fills in for other staff as needed
  • Running errands
  • Heavy cleaning
  • Exterior property maintenance
  • Serving, driving, and vehicle care
  • Assisting with events and guests

Lady’s Maid

Butlers are often formally trained professionals who see to and anticipate the needs of their principal while providing an impeccable and customized standard of service.

Hospitality (ie. Four Seasons) and butler school training is paired with the seamless chemistry and sensitive fit factors. A butler’s skill set includes:

  • Social etiquette as well as formal service and table setting
  • Care of fine table and serving settings
  • Knowledge of wines and spirits, and valet services
  • Function both on command and invisibly executing functions and services with grace and manners.


A Laundress must have knowledge on how to care for all types of garments, how to store and clean them. A Professional Laundress may work either full-time or part-time depending on the size of the family and the amount of laundry that needs care.

Thorough knowledge of modern washing machines, dryers, irons, and the operation of a mangle is essential. Being a Laundress is particularly gratifying to those who have a particular affinity for clothing and its care. Duties for a Laundress include:

  • Washing, steaming, and ironing
  • Altering and mending various garments
  • Organizing the principal’s wardrobe according to season
  • Maintain inventory of wardrobe, linens, beddings, and towels

major Domo

Similar to a Chief of Staff or a senior Butler role consists primarily of managing household staff and functions.

The range of responsibilities a Butler or Majordomo May have will depend on the employer and household, these usually include most aspects of household, personal, and guest services including:

  • Executing social events (i.e. table settings, floral displays)
  • Travel preparations, packing, and unpacking
  • Wardrobe transitions
  • Art and wine collections
  • Handle complex schedules
  • Supply stock and sourcing of favorite best items
  • Supervision of service staff, landscaping, maintenance, etc.
  • Protocols and manners of communication and service
  • Training staff

Personal Assistant

Personal Assistants serve a wide range of principals: from the Hedge Fund founder to a senior socialite or philanthropist to a busy mom juggling homes, vacations, kids, and personal priorities.

A Personal Assistant is responsible for:

  • Organizing the social and professional demands of the principal
  • Coordinating with the office, family/friends, vendors, and family offices
  • Organizing Calendars, social media technology, advance preparations, and financial matters