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  • When coming to our offices for an interview, please be sure to:
  • Bring two copies of your resume
  • Bring any letters of recommendation or additional information(sample menus for Chefs, etc.)
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  • Bring photo ID. You will need it to get into the building
  • Bring proof of work employment authorization, such as a Green Card, if you are a non-citizen. See list of acceptable documents.

Typical Job Descriptions

Typical Job Descriptions of Household, Estate, Personal and Business Positions filled by the Private Staff Group:


Butlers are often formally trained professionals who sees to and anticipates the needs of their principal while providing an impeccable and customized standard of service.

Caretaker/Property Manager

Property Managers are hands-on maintenance people. The property in and around the estate including, but not limited to the landscaping, salt and freshwater pools, and guest cottages are the responsibility of the estate’s Caretaker.

Chauffeur / Driver

The chauffeur is skilled and accredited driving an individual or family, seamlessly coordinating transportation schedules, and managing the maintenance and upkeep of the vehicle.

Chef/Cook- Private Homes

A private chef or cook is personal to their family dynamics and expert with cooking and serving the foods and dishes appropriate for your palate and wellness.

Chief of Staff

A Chief of Staff takes on many forms including, the ultimate Personal/Executive Assistant or the leader and manager of a large staff.


A Companion is responsible for assisting his or her employer in various ways.

Domestic Couples

The ideal Domestic Couple have complementary skills to work separately or together, providing all that is needed to run and serve a fine home.

Estate Manager

The Estate Manager will manage all aspects surrounding the management of the estate, while making sure that his/her employer’s life is as carefree as possible.

Executive Housekeeper

An Executive Housekeeper is in charge of running the housekeeping team.

Executive Personal Assistant

More senior than a PA, this position may have more liaison with the principal’s business matters.


Typical responsibilities include the full range of daily cleaning, deep cleaning, helping with the family or principals. We tailor our selection to fit the personality, schedule, lifestyles and qualities of your home and usage.


A houseman participates in the hands-on running of the home on a daily basis. A houseman may have worked in a fine hotel, in a private cleaning service, or just has an all-around service mentality to fit the bill.

Lady's Maid

A Lady’s Maid is hired to serve as a wardrobe, groomer and specific personal assistant to her female employer. This means she serves as a personal maid to the lady of the house.


A Laundress must have knowledge on how to care for all types of garments, how to store and clean them. A Professional Laundress may work either full-time or part-time depending on the size of the family and the amount of laundry that needs care.

Major Domo

Similar to a Chief of Staff or a senior Butler role, consists primarily of managing household staff and functions.

Personal Assistant

Personal Assistants serve a wide range of principals: from the Hedge Fund founder to a senior socialite or philanthropist to a busy mom juggling homes, vacations, kids and personal priorities.