Top 5 Words that Describe the Best Household Staff Candidates

For those looking for a personal assistant, estate manager, nanny or other household staff position, there are certain words that, while they may not be in a job description, describe the qualities that make a great household employee. The following five words can say so much about what sets a fantastic domestic staff member apart from an average employee.

  1. Seamless
    A well staffed home should run like a machine. Everyone knows their part to play and how to carry it out. They can properly handle damage control, think on the spot and work well under pressure. Great household staff is there to simplify your life, not complicate it.
  2. Visible/Invisible
    Household staff members who bicker in front of you and your guests, meddle in your personal affairs or who are simply nowhere to be found when you need them are not doing their jobs. Experienced and professional domestic staff members will understand when to make themselves available and when to respect boundaries and remain behind the scenes.
  3. Discreet
    Allowing access to your personal everyday life, your home, your family and closest friends is a big deal. Therefore, it is crucial that you trust your domestic staff. Discretion is one of the most important characteristics of any household employee. Employees who gossip and divulge personal information to agencies and outsiders are threats to your security, safety and reputation.
  4. Flexible
    Emergencies do arise. It is important to have flexible, reliable and loyal household staff members who understand that occasionally things happen that are out of anyone’s control. If extra hands are needed on deck that is when you will see your best employees truly shine.
  5. Adaptable
    There is more to every role than meets the eye. An adaptable household employee knows when it is time to get out of their comfort zone, roll up their sleeves and get the job done. A butler may have to clean alongside the housekeeper, the chef may need to help serve at dinner, and the chauffeur may have to babysit the children. An adaptable employee is more likely to be a team player as well as be open and willing to learn new skills.

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