The World of Staffing for the High Net Worth

We interviewed one of the leading recruiters of private, personal and business staff, Mr. Stephen Candland of Private Staff Group’s  New York office. Their clients employ staff for residences and business to meet a wide variety of unique service requirements. Most requested staff are: personal assistants, estate and property managers, housekeepers and cooks.

What is the biggest change in employing private staff in the last 5 to 10 years?

Homes, art, technology, security and employment considerations are all dramatically more complicated today. Hiring staff that work in our homes and are involved in our personal lives requires a professional process and more business-like management.

What are the most requested job candidates?

Housekeeper and Housekeeper/Cooks are the most requested, followed by Personal Assistants and Executive Assistants for personal, family, social and business responsibilities. Estate and Property Managers in many locations are active searches, as well.

Are Butlers still in style?

Yes, very much so. We see diplomats, high profile CEO’s and financiers and international transplants continuing to use Butlers. There are 3 or 4 excellent butler training schools.

How are women using Private Staff?

We have placed stylists, organizers, personal assistants and of course, nannies.
Women who entertain in beautiful homes in multiple locations may employ a lifestyle enabler with talents in decorating, event management, flowers, and staff supervision.

How does today’s employer of private staff find the right and best-fit candidates?

Historically, personal and household staff was sourced through personal referrals or ads in the newspaper. Our clients today are much more privacy sensitive and don’t invite strangers into their home for job interviews. You never know who is walking in the door. We conduct the search and screening so the candidates who are introduced are vetted properly.

What is different today in employing and managing private staff?

Smartphones! Your staff each has a movie camera, which instantly uploads to the Internet. Security and trust are more important than ever.

Your most unusual placement?

Finding the right estate manager for a couple who had struggled to find an estate manager able to execute their style, values and constantly changing schedules. They had perpetual turnover issues. This candidate dramatically improved their lives by allowing them to realize their family and home priorities.