The Difference Between Concierge vs. Private Staffing

Selecting the next employee or job position for your estate requires you to understand what needs to be done around your estate. You don’t want to hire for a job that you do not need. There are multiple positions and different types of staff that you can benefit from. The major ones being private staff and concierge services. Both concierge services and private staff are excellent choices for service provision and your choice depends on whether your needs are constant or intermittent.

Hiring a Concierge

Concierge services for high net worth families are popping up regularly to service the busy needs of families and individuals. The basic premise of a concierge service is to provide an “outsourced” management service for your vendors, your property, and your lifestyle. These concierge services are not fully dedicated to your needs, but rather have a collection of different clients. Depending on their clients’ needs, they coordinate most services, maintenance, and repairs. These may include construction, security, A/V, storm watch, pest control, landscaping, mail collection and forwarding, shopping, etc. Concierge services may charge a monthly retainer fee plus a per hour charge plus a mark-up to the supervised vendor expense. Concierge is similar to having a part time estate manager or personal assistant. Of course, a concierge can work together with your full time private staff. Should you decide to engage a concierge service, consider if they are a full-service company and not just a part-time job for someone trying to launch a business.

Hiring Private Staff for Your Estate

Private staff, on the other hand, is dedicated only to your needs for the schedule of your choosing. Full time, part time, or a contract term are all possible. Private staffing covers any employees, such as a personal assistant, chef, chauffeur, housekeeper, estate manager, etc. It is typically a better choice for families and individuals with more extensive and time-consuming job requirements. Private staff members are completely focused on providing your desired services in the exact way you wish.

About Private Staff Group

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