The Benefits of Hiring Staff That Attended a Training Program

When searching for qualified household staff, you may wonder about the benefits of hiring a candidate who has attended a training program over one who has not. Although training programs shouldn’t be mandatory when considering candidates, they do offer advantages that should be noted. Different programs are geared towards different skills, so this is also something that should be considered, depending on your specific needs.

On-Site Job Training

Some training programs have professionals who visit estates to work with staff and teach them new techniques, help them brush up on or refresh their knowledge, train their new hires, or take on special projects. This is a great way to foster teamwork, get all of your staff members working together towards a similar goal, and ensure all employees are working according to a certain standard. In addition, a training program of this sort can help a candidate become more well-rounded, as they would be able to learn about tasks that they previously may not have been asked to do in their career.

Private Staff Training Schools

There are training programs that are more of an actual academy where candidates are looking to learn a particular set of practical skills. Private service training schools provide education on a variety of skills, including:

  • Technical skills such as household technology, upkeep, and repairs
  • Management training such as calendar management, schedule making, onboarding and training, and terminations
  • Formal service
  • Clothing maintenance and repairs

Regardless of the type of training program, there are overall benefits of hiring a candidate who has attended one. A training program can help a candidate brush up his or her skills when returning to the industry if they have been away from it for some time. For a candidate looking to change their career, perhaps from corporate to private service, a training program ensures they have had proper preparation. Candidates in these programs also network with each other, helping them to better know and understand the nuances of each position within the domestic services industry.

Something to consider is that a candidate who is lighter on experience but has attended a training program is not set on particular work habits. They may be more sensitive to personal tastes and preferences. In other words, working for a long time in either a relaxed home or a very formal home can affect the future habits and behavior of a candidate.

The pluses of outside or on-site training for domestic staff are many. This being said, the most crucial element to finding great household staff is still fit: how they fit with your family, your style, and your other employees.

About Private Staff Group

At Private Staff Group each training program is tailored to fit our client’s needs. We focus our knowledge and expertise on ensuring our training and solutions offer immediate results and long-term value. Our training and solutions programs can help to optimize the productivity of your household staff and increase your satisfaction by perfecting skills to fit the requirements of your lifestyle and home. To learn more about our training programs and how we can help you, we invite you to contact us today.