Private Staff Group Featured in Palm Beach Society

The Palm Beach Society features our very own Stephen Candland. He discusses the benefits of hiring from a household staffing agency and gives advice on selecting the best employees.

Getting the best results and value from your household and personal staff

Best practices in managing your household and personal staff. Hiring right, receiving productivity and ensuring your protection and privacy.

Interview with Stephen Candland, Partner of Private Staff Group. Private Staff Group is a boutique and specialized recruitment search firm serving the distinct staffing needs of exceptional clients for their household, estate, personal and business.

What’s new in staffing for luxury homes?

Clients are seeking talent who has both the right skill set and experiences to be highly functional, but also the perfect fit in demeanor. We find clients are seeking the long-term tenure and the independent work ethic which relieve the client from constant supervision.

How do you best protect your privacy and safety of your assets?

A thorough interviewing, screening and reference checking process is the baseline. We conduct background checks through the #1 investigation service for criminal, driving, litigation, etc. Employment and Confidentiality Agreements are highly recommended, and we provide samples.

What’s the advantage of using a recruitment agency vs. doing it myself?

Privacy, selection and a professional process. Private Staff Group assists with the preparation of the job description and setting a compensation range appropriate to the position. We have unlimited resources to find exactly the right candidate for your hire. Candidates do not meet you until they have been pre-screened, saving you time and ensuring your privacy.

Best practices after the hire to get the highest productivity and value?

Treat your staff as if they were employees of your business. Human resources practices make employees feel like professionals and raise their commitment and work ethic. Regular performance reviews, reasonable communication of criticisms, work adjustments and praise. Salary reviews and alignment of schedules to your needs and theirs.

How do I know if I am paying a market rate?

We have salary charts and surveys for every position. Making a poor hire and having turnover is expensive compared to the satisfaction of a properly compensated long-term valued employee.

How do I organize the optimal staff coverage when I move between multiple homes and travel frequently?

Cleaning and personal service needs should be modeled to the size of the home, usage patterns, your budget and service level preferences. Staff can be found who are fine to move between residences. Live-in, mixing staff, custom schedules and outsourcing vendors can be options.

How do I know it’s the right candidate for me and my needs?

The interview process should include multiple interviews and comparisons of alternative candidates. Finding the right fit in personality, communication and attitude is equally important to skills and experience.

The best part of employing staff at my home or for my personal or business needs?

More time for enjoyment of family and friends, leveraging your talents to do what you love and/or build your business. Your home(s) and lifestyle are truly a reflection of your ambitions, expectations and dreams.

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