Family Assistants vs. Nannies. Which One Do You Need?

With our worlds turned upside down by covid-19, your family’s needs are likely different than they were before. Many schools are online, requiring far more oversight of your children throughout the day. Although many parents are working from home, their busy schedules may not allow for the time necessary to ensure their child is excelling at school. In addition, with kids home a lot, you may be finding that your home is getting messy more quickly, and you are having to cook and grocery shop far more often. In addition, keeping your kids occupied is never easy, and is likely even more challenging now. If this sounds like you, your family would benefit most from a family assistant. 

How do nannies and family assistants differ?

Nannies are typically for younger children who require round the clock care. If your family needs are more than just childcare, a family assistant may be a better choice for you. The family assistant role is more versatile. Family assistants are like a hybrid between a nanny and a personal assistant. In other words, family assistants help the parents rather than just helping/prioritizing the kids. 

Other factors to consider are whether or not you want your family assistant to live in or not. Many families opt for the former, especially during Covid-19, but it is ultimately up to you. Whatever your private staffing needs, Private Staff Group can help. Private Staff Group employs best practices for safety including background checks and virtual interviews as well as health screenings. Read more about our Covid-19 safety guidelines here. Private Staff Group specializes in staffing New York, The Hamptons, Greenwich, Palm Beach, and San Francisco. Apply here for a complimentary private staffing consultation for your home, or email or call 1-866-282-7729.