Safety Protocols for Private Staff Entering Your Home

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How are high net worth (HNW) private staff employers getting the personal and household services needed and keeping themselves safe?

Employing private staff services for your home and personal needs can be effective if proper observations, safety measures, and new techniques are part of the mix of management and employment practices, in addition to mutual respect. Accommodating transitions, changing situations such as travel, staying abreast of new Covid information, and being kind and caring to your staff enhances the safety results and experience for all.

If you are relocating to another residence, you have the decision to either bring staff with you or hire locally.  

Practical safety includes:

  • Live in vs. Live out
  • Agreement on procedures with disinfectants
  • Changing of clothing when entering and leaving home
  • Select rooms where work is allowed
  • New staff quarantine for two weeks before starting work
  • Establish protocols for individuals entering your home

Interviewing new private staff candidates:

  • Engage private staff recruitment companies to select best fit candidates
  • Interviews through video calls- Zoom, Facetime, etc.
  • Questions: how long have you been symptom-free?  Have you already had Covid-19?  Have you tested positive for the antibodies?
  • If there is an option for Live-in, discuss the arrangements and safeguards
  • Discuss extra duties during the time of virus lock downs
  • How will your staff service needs change post-Covid?

Whether you are hunkered in your bunker, at the beach in the Hamptons, or staying in your main home in Greenwich, thinking through your options, researching best safe practices and extending your plans and rules to your household and personal staff will result in a healthy and happy exit from this time of invisible risks.  

For further information and a discussion of employing private staff safely, please call Stephen Candland at Private Staff Group 203-856-7811 or email:

For more information about New York’s Covid-19 recommendations for domestic employers, please click here.