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“I met all these important people and did all these stories, but I always had such excellent producers and assistants. I could show up to interview a world leader or a criminal and they would have things so well prepared anyone could have done it. It wasn’t about ‘me,’ it was about ‘us.'” – Mike Wallace

There is certainly a bit of gray area in the roles of different kinds of assistants, especially when tasks spill over into another title, particularly with regard to Personal, Executive and Family Assistants. However, there is some clear distinction between the roles.

Hire A Personal Assistant

A Personal Assistant can work from your home, your office, or can even juggle their time between locations. A Personal Assistant’s focus is 100% on your needs. A Personal Assistant can run any errand required, from gift buying to personal shopping, and make and follow up on appointments for car maintenance, home maintenance or doctor appointments. They will also manage your calendar and coordinate travel arrangements. They can be your representative in digital correspondences and face-to face interactions. Depending on the level of comfort and trust, a Personal Assistant can also manage personal finances including budgeting, bill paying and bookkeeping. They can assist with all aspects of any domestic or household staff including credentialing, hiring, firing, schedule making and payroll. A Personal Assistant is there to help out with almost any project you throw their way, including personal tasks as important and detailed as providing thorough research and managing healthcare and insurance coverage, or less so, such as selling items online.

Hire An Executive Assistant

An Executive Assistant typically works in a corporate setting. An Executive Assistant helps you, the executive, focus on getting your job done most efficiently, without the worry of the more mundane, day-to-day intricacies and demands of your hectic, ever-changing schedule and numerous contacts. An Executive Assistant, similar to a Personal Assistant, will manage your calendar and coordinate travel arrangements, dining reservations, meetings and events. However, they typically manage all things business-related rather than personal. An Executive Assistant will be your representative in all professional matters when you are not available and will serve as your gatekeeper.

Virtual Assistant

A Virtual Assistant works remotely but provides the same level of support as a Personal or Executive Assistant. A Virtual Assistant can be particularly useful if you travel often and need someone to make sure bills are paid on time, deadlines are met, research is performed, bookkeeping is up to date, presentations or other projects are completed, scheduling is handled and online correspondences are taken care of.

Family/Household Assistant Roles

A Family Assistant is a fantastic resource for any family with too much to do and simply not enough time. The role of a Family/Household Assistant is an extremely diverse one, with a range of tasks including working with household contractors, helping the children with homework, driving the children to activities, planning events, mailing out holiday cards, pet care and so much more. In short, a Family/Household Assistant is like an additional head of the household.

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