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When a well-run team works together, they win championships. When a well-run household works together, the victory isn’t a trophy as much as the peace that influences everyone in the household. The questions that hiring managers struggle with usually comes down to finding the right person at the right price.

The right person is very subjective based upon the household and the wishes of the owner. You can usually find out a lot about the potential staff by asking the right questions.

Whether you are hiring in Greenwich, San Francisco, or the Hamptons, we can help you with your financial knowledge by listing the average salary ranges of private staff by position. Once you know your budget, you can start looking for those household staff rock stars!

The Positions

We will cover a few of the main positions that are hired as household staff. Here are the most common positions that are sought out for staff positions:

Property Manager

The property manager is comparable to the modern-day butler. The roles are very similar.

The property manager takes care of the house and all the staff. They also work with the owner to set the schedule and take care of any needs around the house.

They usually handle the hiring of staff and any issues related to the staff around the house.


The housekeeper position can be made up of multiple levels of duties based upon the needs of the household.

Some housekeepers operate in the executive position and handle the oversight duties of staff when it comes to all interior positions.

In today’s modern environment, some housekeepers become managers of the family’s schedules and the online aspects of the family’s life.

Other housekeepers often fill the role of a domestic servant.

They are individuals who focus on the care of the house by themselves. They do the cleaning and even run some errands on behalf of the household.

Personal Assistant

A personal assistant can work for the owner or the whole family. They often mix items for work and the household by handling both.

They handle many of the online duties such as calendar management and email as well as paying bills and sticking to budgets.

Many assistants are hired part-time and if they connect with the owner or family well, they can move into a full-time position with more responsibility.

Domestic Couple

Couples who work for families are often able to handle many different duties between them. Their strength is in their ability to handle more duties between the two of them.

Each one usually has their areas of expertise that they use for the house. Some are interior focused and some are exterior focused.

They can even fulfill other jobs for the house like chauffer, caretaker, or companion based upon the needs of the family.

Private Chef

Private chefs are more than just cooks for the household. They are in charge of all aspects of the kitchen and the diets of the family.

Private chefs are also different in their responsibilities and roles from personal chefs.

If the family has any food allergy issues, or they are trying to eat organic, or healthier, etc… the personal chef handles those areas.

The menu planning and purchasing of food are in their domain along with all aspects of meal preparation and cleaning of the kitchen. They will also handle the menu for parties and entertaining events within the household.

Average Salaries by Position

The range of salaries for each position varies based on individual circumstances and geography. Things such as education, experience, and whether they will live on the property or not, will affect the final salary expectation.

Click here for a complete guide to staff salaries by position and affluent regions in New England, California, the U.K., and more.

How to Find the Right Household Staff

The key to hiring the right household staff is to know the specifics of what you want and what you need. Often the best decision is to find a private staffing company to help you with the decision. Whether you are hiring in Greenwich, Manhattan, Hamptons, Palm Beach, San Francisco, London, or the Midwest your knowledge of the different salary structures will give you a great advantage when looking for quality help.

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