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A job interview typically gives you 30 minutes to showcase your skills, experience, and personality. However, only one person is usually hired for the position, so it is important to answer each question in a way that will allow you to stand out to the employer. When you leave, you want them to be able to remember you easily. How? It can be a little story about a person you met on your last trip, an interest you have in live music, or a really funny experience you had the other day. If it flows naturally and you can relate it to who you are as a person, it will show great insight into what makes you different than the rest – it will make you memorable.

1) Attending to the basics: It is important to research the employer and the requirements of the position. The goal is to understand exactly what is expected of you if you were to get hired. If you know what is expected, then you can put your best foot forward when showcasing your skills to the employer.

2) Show up with questions: It says a great deal about a person who has valuable questions such as why the role is currently open and what the priorities are of the employer. Questions that are genuine and show your interest in the position are best.

3) Be engaging and interesting: Think of an interview as a more formal conversation as opposed to an oral exam where you answer questions quickly and wait for the next one. The interview should flow, with you both answering and asking questions as you see fit. This is a great way for the employer to see aspects of your personality.

4) Become memorable: You want to get the employer’s brain working; you want him or her to remember you. Be sure to listen closely to what is being said to you. Then, ask questions and give input as you see fit. For example, if the employer prefers a specific process for doing something that you’ve never heard about, ask about it. Listen. Respond with follow-up questions and ideas you have going forward if you were in the role. You want to leave the employer having learned a bit about the way they prefer things to be done and showing them how you would be able to complement that.

5) Be confident: People can sense how you view yourself, and that translates to how they view you. Do not go into an interview begging or cowering. Showing up knowing that you have plenty to offer will allow you to feel like an equal during the interview – which you are! Confidence in your experience, skills, work ethic, and demeanor will translate, and if the energy is right, it will lead to a new job!

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