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Entry-level work isn’t what it used to be.

Companies bruised by a pandemic have stayed lean by automating and outsourcing core functions while slashing training budgets and payrolls. But in an effort to cut costs, some companies also have cut private staff entry-level jobs that serve as a crucial first step on the path to a professional career. And others have made the responsibilities for first-timers more sophisticated, raising the bar for new graduates, who are expected to arrive job-ready from day one.

5 Tips for Starting Entry Level Position

  1. Prepare for your first day: First days can make you nervous however, it is always better to be over prepared than under.
  2. Build equity through your outside network: LinkedIn is a great tool to build a professional network. You never know what outside connections can help in your current position.
  3. Be realistic about your expectations: Do not expect the red carpet for an entry level position. Your goal is to build your experience and make life easier for your boss.
  4. Your attitude really does matter: Especially during meetings with your boss. Always pay attention and be courteous. Household employers count on you to fulfill your job and make their life easier.
  5. Absorb everything you can on the clock: Pay attention and be diligent. You never know what you can learn from your private staff employer.

Traditional job descriptions are supplemented with more detailed “role charters” for entry-level jobs, emphasizing more abstract and sophisticated skills such as collaboration and problem-solving rather than basic functions such as report preparation.

About Private Staff Group

This being said, the changes to the entry-level job market have affected recruiting efforts at Private Staff Group. We continue to strive for the best placements for potential employers. Because of this, candidates, both entry-level and experienced, are screened and evaluated carefully to provide you with the best employee possible.

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