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In today’s day and age, the needs of the modern-day family have evolved. Ownership of vacation homes and second properties increased, as did the length of the household’s to-do list. This is where the estate manager can help.

Also known as the property manager, the estate manager helps care for the property to ensure a smooth operation of their clients’ personal and professional lives. In an environment with multiple properties, estate managers not only oversee household responsibilities but also make sure that other members of the private staff are staying on task.

“As an Estate Manager, my main focus is working with the staff and teaching them what makes a well run and happy home for our employers.” Graham Lefford, an estate manager with twenty-five years of experience in the domestic service industry, starts his day early, arriving before the rest of the staff to get prepared. He makes sure to take care of the priority items on his to-do list.

When the rest of the staff arrives, Graham greets them and steers them in the right direction: ​​“I work very closely with the staff by setting trays, helping serve, and making sure they learn the proper techniques.” Graham believes in the importance of prioritization and works with staff members to make sure they’re able to discern which tasks require more immediacy.

As he oversees at least two properties, with unique needs and personnel at each location, Graham sheds some light on the nuances of his day-to-day responsibilities: “Well first, we have chickens in the country house, but one of the chickens is actually a rooster. We can’t have a rooster because they are too noisy, so I had to figure that out.”

Graham’s major responsibility is not just to handle unexpected challenges, but to do so with meticulous attention to detail, making sure to present the best possible solutions with the utmost expediency. As he recounts the day he had to tame the rooster, he elaborates that it was then that the client was also moving.

“Meanwhile, in the city, we had movers gathering things to bring to storage, but we realized they had left something behind. Also, the exterminators didn’t show up.” Managing vendors while performing inventory checks and seeing to the coop would be more than most could handle and normally, tasks like these would fall to the homeowner.

But when an individual is stretched between their professional and familial responsibilities, things like property upkeep and even moving can be daunting. Plus, if these areas of everyday life are not managed properly, they can deteriorate, not only causing chaos but a reduction in their value. If something can go wrong, it’s more than likely that it will, which is where estate managers like Graham step in to help.

When faced with the unexpected, Graham handles it with ease. And it’s not just thanks to more than two decades in the industry. Instead of dwelling on it, he states, “It’s work and it’s called work for a reason. This is a part of what I do.” Graham takes pride in his ability to make his client and their family comfortable not only in their homes but in their everyday lives.

The staff is managed, meaning that things are constantly getting done, and to the client’s satisfaction. From a fridge stocked with fresh food, even after a long trip, to a seamless move with a thorough inventory of all assets, to a happy rooster and his coop, Graham makes every effort to anticipate the needs of his employers, saying, “Where we show our work is in the details. They are what will ultimately show our worth.”

Hire the Perfect Private Staff

Knowing your needs and expectations is an important part of building a team for your private staff. Clearly communicating expectations, such as in handbooks, is a great way to make sure both you and your staff are getting what they expect out of the job.

Private Staff Group knows that background checks are an essential part of the interviewing process. That’s why we regularly run background checks as a standard protocol when we vet staff member candidates.

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