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We know what behaviors and skills correlate with success in any given job. We ask the right questions of the right people to uncover what you need to know about each job candidate.

Hiring and Employment Considerations:

  • Full time, seasonal, or project employment
  • Geographies
  • Background checks – including credit, criminal, motor vehicle and education
  • Consulting with job design, job descriptions, compensation, etc.
  • Continuous advice and expertise- at no charge
  • Privacy, asset and liability protections
  • Due diligence
  • Cyber security

Our Process Starts With:

  • Accurate job description
  • Knowledge of compensation market
  • Interview and candidate assessment
  • Protecting your privacy and security
  • Networking, Private Staff Group database mining, and internet searching
  • Thorough screening and interviewing

Asset and Privacy Protection:

Employee background checking is part of an asset and privacy protection plan and is included in your overall financial, legal and insurance coverage. Procedures and practices for non-family members who operate within your home or business is critical in maintaining safety and security, as well as for avoiding situations that can present threats to you, your family or your assets.

360-Degree, Deep-Dive Background Checks

We use ® for in-depth comprehensive background checks that include:
  • Employment and education verifications
  • Criminal background check
  • Motor vehicle reference
  • I-9 verifications of documents
  • Cross-reference with sexual predator list
  • Verification of true identity
  • Business licenses
I-9 is required by the Federal Government to verify identity and work authorization at the time of hire, including employees who are hired to perform domestic work. Failure to properly document the status of an employee can lead to penalties. Confidentiality Private Staff Group holds the security and confidentiality of client’s paramount. The protection of information about you, your family, company, operations and other sensitive information is critical, therefore Private Staff Group adheres to and helps you enforce a strict confidentiality policy.
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