How Private Staff Services Have Changed Over The Years

Private staff services have certainly changed over the years. In a recent Town & Country issue, they discussed the changes in job titles and new specialists that have taken over the modern households. In addition to the unique added roles, traditional positions can take on more responsibilities.

Combining Responsibilities

One of the big changes over the years has been combining responsibilities of your staff. Clients may realize they need a little bit of help here and there, but don’t need a full-time person for anything specific. Adding more responsibilities to a position can help save money. An Estate Manager can handle all of the estate matters, but they can also take on troubleshooting around the estate or increasing security. A client may not need two full time employees, so grouping tasks can provide benefits.

New Jobs Coming Into the Private Staffing Market

With modern trends constantly changing, the upper class continues to seek gurus in those areas. In 2019, we witnessed trends range from a morning celery juice to improve your health, all the way to crystals to improve your mood and energy. These job titles have opened up because of popular demand. While there are still the traditional positions being requested (housekeeper, chauffeur, and cook) the demand for nontraditional positions continues to rise. It is up to the staffing agencies to find the best possible candidates for their clients.

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