How Long Will it Take to Find A Private Staff Employee?

When working with an agency to find household staff, people often ask how long it will take for them to find and employ the right candidate. While an agency does all that it can to find the best match as timely as possible, there is no honest “one size fits all” answer to that question. The truth is, finding the perfect employee-employer match is truly all about timing. When the recruiter gets the “go-ahead” to begin sourcing candidates for a domestic staff position a lot of factors are at play.

The Candidate Selection Process

Agencies will reach out to top candidates that they have worked with in the past to see if they are available. If they are not, a new search will have to be started. That process includes placing job postings, scouting out top talent through databases, networking, screening, and credentialing resumes, conducting in-person interviews, and performing thorough reference and background checks. Candidates that have not been properly vetted will not even make it to the inbox of the hiring family or individual.

Performing Background & Reference Checks

Reference checks have the potential to greatly slow down the process, but are absolutely pertinent to verify that the candidate’s performance was as fantastic as they and their resume boast. Previous employers for candidates may be extremely busy individuals who need to schedule a time to speak with a recruiter. If the references are international, that also takes more time and effort. A time difference compounded with the time constraints of previous employers can often draw out the process.

Interview Process

If the candidate is employed, they may need to give their current employer advance notice before taking time off for an interview. Depending on how many interviews are needed with a prospective employee, the interview process could stretch out for several weeks. In addition, if a candidate is currently employed, they will need to give their current employer proper notice before beginning their new endeavor.

Trial Process to Ensure the Proper Fit

Most recruiting agencies offer their clients a trial period, so the families or individuals can determine how well a candidate can apply their skills to the specific opportunity without any obligation to hire them. Sometimes the trial lasts only a day before the family feels confident they have found the right person, other times, depending on the position, it may take up to a week or two before a judgment call can be made on proper fit.

Effects of Location

Location and scope of the job makes a big difference in how long a search can take. In a much more densely populated area, there is talent everywhere waiting to find their perfect match. As the population thins out, so does the likelihood that the best talent is right around the corner. Some candidates are willing to travel or relocate for the right role.

What Set of Skills Does the Job Require

Lastly, the job description itself can lend to a shorter or longer search time. Positions requiring a candidate to have a unique and specific skill set may be harder to find than broader skills. Non-traditional work hours can add some time to the search, as some qualified candidates may have personal commitments that would not allow them to accept such a role. Other factors that can affect the ability to find qualified, interested, and available candidates include the amount of travel required, salary and benefits, workplace environment, experience, and level of commitment required, to name a few.

Sometimes, in lucky circumstances, a top candidate will be available, interested in the opportunity, and have a fantastic interview and trial, leading to being hired quickly. However, this is not typically the case. Recruiters meticulously select candidates based on a lengthy assessment with families or individuals looking to hire, determining needs, priorities, and other important factors in their future employees. Only the very top select few make it to the prospective employer, who then provides feedback to help the recruiter continue to be even more selective in their search. With the proper amount of communication, this process will actually help find the perfect fit more quickly. Always keep in mind that the best candidate for the job may be well worth the wait!

About Private Staff

Private Staff Group presents you with every possible best-fit candidate for your position. We stay with you beyond the guarantee period to provide additional coaching, refinement, and advice about best employment practices. At Private Staff Group we offer a guarantee period with all placements. Should the candidate leave your employment within 90 days for any reason, we will replace them at no additional charge. To learn more about what we can do we invite you to contact us today.