How Estate Managers Can Bring Value To Your Household Staff Through Technology

In this day and age, almost everything is becoming digitalized. Not only is technology changing the way we communicate, but how society as a whole is adapting to a faster lifestyle. So it’s only common sense that there is a lot of value in staff that knows their way around a smartphone, computer, and other useful technologies. There are many benefits to having household staff that is tech savvy, especially when it comes to the following:

  • Smart home technology – This includes security systems, heating and cooling systems, and others. Having staff that can effectively use and control smart home technology, both remotely and manually, can make many aspects of your home run more smoothly.
  • Online purchasing – Your staff can perform personal shopping tasks, such as buying gifts and household items, more quickly by ordering online. Having an employee who knows trusted sites and how to find the right product can save you a lot of time and money.
  • Budgeting – The ability to monitor expenses, plan financially for the future, and track spending trends over time is a valuable skill for any household employee to have. From vendor expenses to household inventory to daily spending, it is always beneficial to keep a running and accurate record. Employees who are well versed in programs that track expenses are more likely to enter items immediately and accurately, resulting in less error and oversight.
  • Inventory – Having staff members who keep an eye on household inventory via a digital spreadsheet can be very useful for a smooth running household. They can help monitor quantities of specific items, identify when items are expiring, and when they need to be replaced, allowing you to stay ahead of potential shortages.
  • Research – Being able to efficiently research online is important to find out about new products, activities, procedures, recent events, and so on. Having a staff member who is able to effectively get the information needed can be beneficial to all aspects of your household.
  • Communication – Being tech savvy makes communication in the workplace overall a much more seamless process. Availability and ability to communicate over various platforms allow staff to be more reliable, informed, and resourceful.

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