Considerations for Hiring a Private Chef in New York

During coronavirus quarantines, many affluent New Yorkers are turning to private chefs in lieu of grocery delivery or take-out. Chefs can save long wait-times for groceries, while home-cooked meals are a healthier option to eating restaurant takeout. In addition, using a private chef is relaxing, convenient, and saves time. However, there are several considerations to keep in mind.

When choosing a private chef, it is important to consider all of your needs. For example, do you have any dietary restrictions or nutritional goals? Do you want a chef who specializes in a particular cuisine? Will a chef need to bring their own tools or is your kitchen outfitted with everything? Perhaps the most important consideration is the frequency at which you want them cooking meals for you or your family.The answers to these questions will determine whether you need a personal chef or a private chef.

With a personal chef, you are one of several clients, while a private chef is exclusively yours. A personal chef is great for saving costs, but generally means less flexibility and availability. If you cannot commit to a solid meal time, hiring a personal chef may be wasteful because they typically charge by the hour. Depending on how often and when you want meals prepared, a private chef might be a better choice. With Covid-19 risks, hiring a private chef in New York City may also be safer than a personal chef, especially if they are live-in. However, with safety precautions, any chef with proper training and experience can help.

Once you’ve narrowed down the chef candidates that suit your preferences, there are several recommendations for the final selection. Among the most important, is to ask for a menu or two. Menus give insights into the types of foods your chef might be cooking for you on a day to day basis. If the menu looks appealing, the next step is to request samples. You should also discuss with each candidate who their suppliers are. That will give you an indication about the quality of food you will be tasting. A private chef should have a business license as well as health permit, and they should be familiar with health regulations. Insurance is also important to consider as you move forward given the liabilities associated with food handling.

Finally, word of mouth and reviews are incredibly useful for finding a good chef. Private staffing companies can save you a lot of time and help ensure quality. In addition, staffing companies often provide guarantees that protect their clients.