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Are your fees refundable?

Our work on your behalf is done upfront to enable you to make an informed hire selection. The vast majority of our clients know within 90 days about their long term confidence in their selection. If the candidate is not working out for whatever reason within 90 days, we will undertake a new search at no additional charge.

How does Private Staff Group enable and execute a successful long term placement?

Private Staff Group conducts each search as a unique engagement and customizes our search efforts to find the absolute right-fit candidates to make a confident and informed selection. To our candidates, we explain the career role and the client’s style as clearly as possible.

How does Private Staff Group find the right candidates for my position?

We utilize a combination of our proprietary database, our extensive networking contacts and the latest technologies to put your job in front of candidates who should be aware of your opportunity. Our database has thousands of candidates and it can be searched with specific criteria of your job description and preferences.

How important is reference checking?

Today’s best practices in reference checking have moved beyond unimaginative, close-ended questions which dig into the candidate's performance, reliability and skills, and simplistic verification of prior employment. Today’s references use the intelligence gathered from Google Search and social media sites to prepare for candidate interviews ahead of time. Obtaining reference feedback ahead of an interview helps tailor interview questions to dig in on a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses as identified by their previous employers, managers and co-workers.

There are two reasons for seeking to uncover the true nature of a candidate’s performance at work by relying less on what they decide to share during the interview. Research shows that candidates are likely to embellish their past accomplishments and are not likely to tell you about situations at work that did not turn out well for them. In addition, candidates are likely to encourage their references to cooperate fully and honestly with a process they personally approve of.

How long does the screening & background process typically take?

The screening process starts with extensive and thorough reference checks. handles the comprehensive criminal, driving, and incident checks for the past 10 years nationwide.

What are I-9 and E-Verify?

I-9 is required by the Federal Government to verify identity and work authorization at the time of hire, including employees who are hired to perform domestic work. Failure to properly document the status of an employee can lead to penalties.

E-Verify allows employers to quickly verify new employees via the Department of Homeland Security’s Employment Eligibility Verification program. This way, employers can electronically verify the eligibility of employees to work in the United States. Not only is the E-Verify solution fast, it also reduces the risk of fines and penalties for employing undocumented workers or illegal immigrants.

What is the Private Staff Group process and why is it important?

We work closely with our clients to help craft the job description together with the compensation. The process continues with:

  • Interviews and screening
  • Background, US work authorization and reference checking
  • The hire offer and Employment Agreement
  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Discussion of best employee management processes
  • Guidelines for insurance, privacy and asset protection
  • Discussion of termination and severance

What makes Private Staff Group different from other recruitment firms?

We excel at bringing together the client goals and preferences to realize the objectives of both the principal(s) and the candidate. Our technology, deep interviewing expertise and understanding of our client’s short and long term objectives delivers results for all.

When are credit checks appropriate?

Anytime an employee has access to, or knowledge of money, bank accounts, credit cards or other financial resources, you are well served to verify the employee is not under financial duress, or has had deep credit problems in the past.

Once you’ve received the results of the credit check, you’ll need to determine what parts are relevant enough to disqualify an applicant from employment. For example, a missed credit card payment is much different than a history of collections, bad debt write-offs, and bankruptcies.