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How does Private Staff Group enable and execute a successful long term placement?

Private Staff Group conducts each search as a unique engagement and customizes our search efforts to find the absolute right-fit candidates to make a confident and informed selection. To our candidates, we explain the career role and the client’s style as clearly as possible.

How long does the intervew process take?

Private Staff Group conducts the interviews prior to recommending our short list of candidates. Interviews are arranged with you or your representatives to a convenient schedule either at your home or place of business or a neutral location.

What is the Private Staff Group process and why is it important?

We work closely with our clients to help craft the job description together with the compensation. The process continues with:

  • Interviews and screening
  • Background, US work authorization and reference checking
  • The hire offer and Employment Agreement
  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Discussion of best employee management processes
  • Guidelines for insurance, privacy and asset protection
  • Discussion of termination and severance

What makes Private Staff Group different from other recruitment firms?

We excel at bringing together the client goals and preferences to realize the objectives of both the principal(s) and the candidate. Our technology, deep interviewing expertise and understanding of our client’s short and long term objectives delivers results for all.

Why should the best candidates contact Private Staff Group?

We take the time to understand your experiences, talents and career goals. We excel at appreciating your style and personality to enable the fit factors for your next opportunity. Most importantly, we offer straight talk and respect for your time.