6 Ways To Promote A Better Working Environment For Your Household Staff

Fostering a team environment in a household setting can be tough. Many households require round-the-clock care as well as many moving parts all working at the same time. As a result, some employees working for the same family may hardly, if ever, actually cross paths. This can create inconsistencies in service and ineffective communication. It is important for employees to understand what they can accomplish together, as a team.
Benefits of communication include:

  • Building trust
  • Clear sense of direction
  • Boosting of employee morale
  • Measuring effectiveness
  • Goal setting

Ways to promote better communication include:

  • Group bulletin board – A bulletin board can be an important way to keep your staff informed and connected to the daily routine of the household. A staff bulletin board can be used to highlight various items including a calendar of upcoming dates, important household contacts, updates, or even staff member of the month. The more updated information you maintain on the bulletin board, the more prone your staff will be to look at it on a regular basis.
  • Shared break area – A shared break area can foster a sense of community among your staff. By sharing a break area, your staff is able to relax and connect with others who are working alongside them. Even if certain members of your staff are not able to interact throughout their day, a shared break area can allow them to build relationships that otherwise would not have been possible.
  • Newsletters (digital or print) – This is especially important if your household employs staff in different areas. Whether it is it the kitchen, personal assistants, or nannies, all staff members should be aware of what is going on in the household as a whole to ensure there are no miscommunications. A newsletter, no matter if it is digital or in print, can keep different staff informed on developments occurring in other areas of the household.
  • Team meetings – Like a shared break area, team meetings can also foster a sense of community. By bringing together all your staff in one place at one time, important household matters can be addressed. Whether you are just going over next week’s agenda or addressing a new development, team meetings can allow all staff members to connect and stay in the know.
  • Online groups – Online groups are a great way for you and your staff members to stay in constant communication. Everyone in the group is working towards the same goal of a smoothly running household, so support and advice from other staff members can be very helpful.
  • Staff mailboxes – Staff mailboxes can be beneficial to both you as an employer, as well as for staff members as another option for communication. Staff can receive daily agendas or updates every morning and can leave communications for each other.

Effective communication will give every employee an opportunity to have better access to the information they need to best do their jobs. Employees who feel that they are contributing to the success of the team will be happier and therefore more productive.