10 Reasons Why Background Checks are Essential for Your Private Staff

You do not want to blindly hire someone who will be in your house. When you hire a household employee, you expect that they are going to respect your home and everything in it. However, that is not always the case unfortunately. That being said, any additional effort you can put into a background check for a potential hire is worth it!

When Are Background Checks Necessary?

The short answer is: background checks are (almost) always necessary. Knowing who is inside your house, or even who is working for you, is vital for you to feel like you’re in a safe environment. Background checks verify and provide you with information you may not have otherwise had access to. When in doubt, perform a background check.

Why Are Background Checks Necessary?

Now that you understand when background checks are necessary, it’s also important to understand why.

  1. Create a Safer Work Environment: Whether it is a work-hire, or a domestic household hire, creating a safe work environment allows everyone to work at their best.
  2. Attract High Quality Employees: Sometimes, potential candidates that know they don’t have a clean record may shy away from submitting an application. This gives a chance for high-quality candidates to shine.
  3. Verify False References: Not everyone is honest on their resume, or even about their references. A background check can help verify that the majority, if not all, of the information passed over is correct.
  4. Decreases the Hire Turnover Rate: In an ideal world, employees would stay with you for years upon years. However, that’s (usually) not the case. So, finding a good employee that doesn’t jump around from job-to-job is important. Background checks will alert you of red flags so you can choose employees who stay at jobs longer.
  5. Highlight a Criminal Background: Finding out if a candidate has a criminal history is vital. Whether it is a violent history, or even small misdemeanor case, having this invaluable information available can help you make an informed decision when hiring.
  6. Reduce Liabilities: Nobody wants a liability risk on their hands. Any red flags on a background check (such as continuous car wrecks, bad credit, etc.) can help to reduce those potential risks.
  7. Reveal Credit History: Although this may not be as obvious as the other reasons, a credit history check is also important because it highlights any financial problems. Knowing how someone handles their money; if they’ve ever declared bankruptcy; etc, are all important to know before hiring a new employee– especially if that person will have access to your bookkeeping!
  8. Protect Yourself and Others: Theft is no laughing matter. Protect yourself, your family, your house, and even other employees by doing a thorough background check and make sure to keep an eye out for any previously mischievous behaviors.
  9. Verify Work Qualifications: Some people might put a job down because they think you won’t follow up on it. With a background check, you can easily see where the person has previously worked, therefor vetting out their personal resume.
  10. Peace of Mind: Background checks can bring up red flags and things you should be cautious of. And although they can be costly and time consuming, there is nothing more satisfying than being able to relax and know your recent hire is a good person.

Hiring a new employee can be a tiresome task. Even when you find a candidate that sounds good in-person and on their resume, it doesn’t necessarily mean they will be a good fit. Background checks can provide employees with the perfect amount of peace of mind to allow them into their home or business. After all, you should only have the best possible hires handling your business.

About Private Staff Group

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